Monday, January 9, 2017


          Hi guys! It's been awhile since I left my blog, and now I want to tell you about how I spent my holiday. Well, I was quite busy this holiday because there is an Australian exchange student that live in my house for 2 months, her name is Caroline and I have to guide her around. The first week of holiday, me and my family went to Bali. We went to Uluwatu Temple, a place that we could watch kecak dance (Bali traditional dance) with sunset as it's background and it was so beautiful even though I've been here 3 times, I still enjoy the show. We also went to Ubud, to see the famous rice terrace but when we arrived there, it was raining so we couldn't get any decent photo, but it was okay. And we played some water games such as banana boat, flying fish, parasailing, and other fun stuffs at Nusa Dua Beach, the sun was so bright that I burned my face a little because I didn't use enough sunblock so my skin was dry and sore, but it's getting better now.

          During the new year's eve, I stayed at home to spend quality time with my family, we had a barbecue as our main course, salad, salmon, and other delicious food. We always spend new years eve at home because it was a lot easier and we avoid the traffic.

          The second week of holiday, I went to Jogjakarta. It was so humid and scalding there, I thought that Jogjakarta isn't as hot as Jakarta, but it was quite the same. In Jogjakarta, we went to Borobudur Temple one of the famous seven wonders, there were lots of tourist. We strolled around the city with becak, the traditional transportation and we bought some gifts and souvenirs at Malioboro Street. I also meet my friends there, we had dinner together at a restaurant. We went back to Bandung with a train, it was a nice experience since it's been a long time that I use train. I had a nice holiday even it was tiring, but in the same time it also very exciting.

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