Saturday, March 25, 2017

Learning From Nature

            Nature is an art of god; it’s a gift and a blessing. We have learned that nature is the world around us which cares us and nourished our lives. And yet while we appreciate what nature gave us, we often forget that we also destroy them. We burn the forest, pollute the river, cut the trees, and blame the nature when the air is blurry due to the heavy pollution and the river starts to flood.

            Indonesia is adored by its diverse in nature and by its natural scenery. Sadly, these gifts from god are slowly diminishing. As we know in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia the nature has been destroyed since Jakarta needs more buildings for houses, malls, schools, and offices due to its high population who came to Jakarta to have a better life. As Jakarta damaged the nature, we could see the problems about nature increased. The citizens of Jakarta couldn’t find place to throw away their garbage so they throw it to the river and when it’s raining season, the river starts to floods then they blame the nature for it. I think that they should reflect on themselves instead complaining the weather, the nature.

            Nowadays, people rarely enjoy nature, they prefer to do other things than to just sit and listen to sounds around them, listen to the sound of nature. There are also people who do a morning walk to avoid any kind of diseases but if we look closer, even when those people walk in a park through canopy trees, the plugged their earphones to their ears. Wouldn’t it will be better if they walk they listen to the music of nature? With the chirps of birds, feel the breeze that goes through them, sound of the leaves as they fall. It will relieve stress, and stress is a common cause to any disease.

            Nature itself has lots of benefits such as improved short term memory, restored mental energy, stress relief, reduce inflammation, and increased humans immune. We damaged nature even when they give us life; they give us oxygen without asking for feedbacks. Nature only asks us to take care of them but what have we given them? We destroy, damage, and complain the nature. What have the nature done that we did such things?

            Just remember that every time we cut down the tree, every time an oil spill despoils the ocean, we are destroying the most precious inheritance we can leave behind for the next generation, for the future.

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