Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dewa Athena and Paman Gober

Hello, I'm Nabila and I’m going to tell you about events that was held back on 25 March until 8 April 2017. So at that day, my school held a sport events where students compete with each other in sports called Dewa Athena and where students in my school go cycling around Bandung called Paman Gober. Dewa Athena was devided into five days, two days each for tenth and eleventh graders and a day for the finals.

 The event was great and fun, I enjoyed most of the time. The first day my class compete in tug of war, girls and boys soccer, volleyball, girls and boys badminton, relay race, and boys dodgeball. While on the second day, we compete in girls and boys’dodgeball, girls badminton, boys soccer and basketball. 

Most of the girls in my class were not really good at sport, we all just have average skill. So because of that and because of most of our opponent are good at sport, we lost the soccer,volleyball, relay race, and dodgeball.But, turned out not all of the girls are bad at sport, my friends, Qinthari and Desi won in the their first badminton match. The girls are proud at them. On the second day, Qinthari and Desi compete against X-8 which the winner will go to the semifinals againts Acceleration class. The match againts X-8 was pretty amazing and also tense. Their score was always so close but in the end, our class won. Then after taking a break about 15 minutes, they compete in the semifinls againts Najwa and Dita from Acceleration. Their opponents was so good at this sport but still Qinthari and Desi has their own strong bound and both of them are very unified. But the result was not like we hoped, our class lost but still the players had fun and they’re happy that the classmate still stick with them and support them until the end.

Tug Of War
Completely the opposite from the girls, most of the boys are good at sports and they had no trouble gaining victory for our class. Like in the dodgeball, their skill and strategy was awesome that they went to final easily. Same goes to basketball, we have two skilled players that is Brama and Uno and both of them were awesome playing basket. They played really well with the other and our team are unified.They also bring us to the final in basketball. But in soccer, we didn’t go to either the final or semifinal. Same goes also for the badminton, our player, Haekal was injured when he played so he can’t do his best because of his injury. But still, we are proud with the boys.

Bicycles for Paman Gober

We plant trees during the tour
The last day, on 8 April 2017, they held three events that is Dewa Athena’s finals, Paman Gober and Belitung Barat Market or BBM for short. The Paman Gober event was fun, we all go cycling around Bandung with our friends and some of the teachers. The school even provide us with bike if we don’t have one. Then there’s BBM, this event is a bazaar where students can sell foods or drinks. They sell many kind of things like a fruit ice cream, spicy wings, flavored drinks, and many more.

It was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward for next year. I hope next year,  this event will be better and more fun than this year.

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